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It was starting look like the world of Fallout could be that much closer to reality before I actually got around to writing something.  Not that that’s a bad thing – the world of Fallout is endearing, showing the truly amazing spirit that humans have in the face of adversity.  Of course, on the reverse of that, it shows the horrible things humanity can do to itself on a daily basis – even after the worst of human nature almost leads to the destruction the world through a nuclear war.

Fallout love aside my reasons for  absence are far less exciting, and rather than a journey across the Mojave desert, it was a 14 hour drive across mainland Australia from South Australia to Australian Capital Territory, which instead of being home to hordes  of Ghouls,  is home to hordes of public servants.  I guess many would argue that they are one and the same. 

Unfortunately the move has temporarily rendered me computer-less and internet connection-less, so the frequency of posts isn’t likely to increase anytime soon.  But rest assured while you’re finding bigger and better sources of video game rants, I am still aiming to grow the balls to actually sink my teeth into Soul Nomad and the World Eaters.  You know, ‘cause the PS2 was better than everything. Or something like that.

Oh yeah and I probably still won’t be playing my 3DS.


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