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Happy New Year!  Yes, we finally made it after 27 days of blogging about mostly old videogames and hopefully on the other side, 27 days of you guys enjoying some of it.  So enjoy this last entry, as trivial and short as it may be.  You never know, you may be reading about YOUR future 2010 game of the year.

2010 – Infinite Space

What a year 2010 was.  From a personal viewpoint I shattered my elbow, had another terrible job (that’s what you get for deciding to become an economist folks) and eventually moved back to the city I grew up in.  Never a good move – if you ever DO come to Australia from overseas don’t bother coming to Adelaide, and if you live elsewhere in this mostly great country of ours, just keep ignoring it.  But with the terrible came some great videogames, in abundance no less. Mass Effect 2, Bayonetta, Vanquish and Alan Wake all were all fantastic games that really made 2010 a year to remember for those of us who enjoy wasting our lives in front of our flat screens.  The good news is 2011 doesn’t seem to be giving us any respite, with a number of heavy hitters slated to hit store shelves throughout the year, starting off with Dead Space 2 in a couple of weeks.

It also happened to be the year this next, and last game in our countdown to 2011 came out.  It didn’t quite make our top 10 here (which you’ll find out what did in the coming week or so), but in terms of great games in the portable space you really can’t get much better than this epic space RPG.

While the real time combat is interesting and addictive (and too difficult to describe here) what really captured my imagination while playing this game was the sheer volume of customisation options available to make your ship exactly as you want it.  And not in an armored core ‘too much information’ kind of way either – it is all quite manageable and the impact of the changes or upgrades you make are usually quite tangible when you take your ship into battle.  Quite remarkable really to think that this game, complete with its massively customisation options and its storyling spanning two entire galaxies, fits on one tiny DS cartridge.

It makes for the third great release during 2010 from this particular developer which has developed consistently high quality videogames since it began in 2006.  Reminds me of Clover really….

Last year

2010 (image from giantbomb.com)

Do you know the game? Post your guesses in the comments section, and Happy new year – or whatever.

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